Name                                      Cätlin Mägi (Jaago)

Date of birth                       7th April 1979


Education and Qualifications

2006 –   2009               University of Telenark (Norway),  MA in traditional music

2002 –                            University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, department of pop-jazz

2000 – 2001                 University of Telemark (Norway), traditional music

1997 – 2002                  University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, traditional music

1994 – 1997                   Rapla Vesiroosi Gümnaasium

1986 – 1993                   Märjamaa School of Music and Art, piano


Employment to date

2010-2011                    Georg Ots Tallinn Music School (teacher of traditional instruments)

2007- present             Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre lecturer (bagpipe)

2007- present             Estonian Traditional Music Centre (musician, introducing traditional music in Estonia)

2007- present             August Pulst School (teacher of bagpipes, lecturer of Estonian instrumental traditional

music courses)

2003-2004                  Märjamaa Music School, teacher (traditional music histori, recorder, bagpipe)

2000- present             University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, lecturer (traditional brass-wind instruments, ensemble,                                                notation, Scandinavian folk music)

1998- present              Viljandi Music School, teacher (traditional music ensemble, flute, recorder, bagpipe, whistles)


Work with various music groups:


2009 – present                      ensemble Transdans

2009 –   present                     ensemble Udupasun

2006-  2011                             ensemble Helletused

2006-    present                      ensemble Rütmiallikal

2005 – present                        co-working in the project “Trio-tinger-tanger”  NOR/EST

2004 –   present                       ensemble RO:TORO

2003 – present                         co-working in the project “Anu Taul and the songs of Mulgimaa”

1999-  2011                                ensemble Vägilased



Musical peoducer

2011                       concert tour „With words and fingers“ musical leader

2010                       Christmas play in Estonian Traditional Music Centre, music producer and performer

2009                       Concertprogram to the Viljandi Folkmusic Festival „Kummardus torupillile“, solo perfomance with storyteller                                   Piret Päät

2008 26.06           Assembly of European ministers of Health Care in Tallinn. Performance in the ruins of Pirita monastery


Musical designer

2008 28.02           tantsuetenduse „Omaenese ukseni“ musical designer

2004 – 2011            creative manager of ensemble Vägilased, arranger

2004 – present      creative leader of ensemble RO:TORO, arranger



MUSIC – here


Administrative activities and other duties


2009 – participating in the organising committee of Competitive Performing of young folk music learners amd players

2008 – present    participating in the creative committee of Estonian Traditional Music Centre

2008 – present  participating in common curriculum development committee of MA programme in

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and University of Tartu Viljandi Culture


2008 – present   presenting University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy in Estonian Folkclore


2008 – present    participating Estonian National Folklore Council

2008 – present    paricipating in Estonian ETNO teaching board

2007 – present    school music concerts in different Estonian schools, introducing Estonian traditional instruments. The organiser of those concerts is Estonian Traditional Music Centre

2007 – present   participating in University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy traditional music

curriculum programme board

2003 – present   organiser of annual weekly bagpipe camp during Hansa Days in Viljandi – creative director and teacher


Book “Eesti Rahvapille”

Jaago, Cätlin 2008 articles: Bagpipe, Jew`s harp, whistle, recorder


Compillation “Estonian Jew’s Harp

Jaago, Cätlin 2011


Memories kept:

2010 The best CD in this year: “Tulemine” Jaan Tätte ja Udupasun

2007 Estonian Cultural Fondation for good work in the traditionasl music feeld “Ela ja sära”