Cätlin Mägi – Estonian bagpipe, Jew’s harp, vocals, whistle

Karoliina Kreintaal – fiddle, talharpa, vocals

Marko Mägi – soprano and tenor saxophone

Most Estonians have probably never heard of Torupilli Juss (Bagpipe Juss) aka Juhan Maaker according to his passport. Despite that, this gentleman from Hiiumaa who lived in the beginning of the 20th century played an extremely important role in Estonian traditional music. He was such an important person that a contemporary band decided to name itself after him – Torupilli Jussi Trio.

Estonian traditional music band Torupilli Jussi Trio plays mainly traditional bagpipe tunes and saxophone adds a modern sound to the bagpipe and fiddle while the underlying soundscape remains primeval and bagpipe-centred. The group plays energetic and unique dance songs from the repertoires of the bagpipe king Juss from Hiiumaa and his contemporaries. The emphasis is on authenticity and bringing the crazy atmosphere that Juss used to create at his concerts back to life.

T O R U P I L L I   J U S S I   T R I O    P H O T O S (to download)

T O R U P I L L I   J U S S I   T R I O   R I D E R (to download)