Andrew Cronshaw“You might expect that the Jew’s harp might be a little … well … samey. Not this one. She uses electronic manipulation of her voice and Jew’s harps to bring out the essence of Estonian folk song and its distinctive narrow-compass melodies.”


Mart Juur: “This is an excellent album, it sounds like AC/DC, but with even sharper riffs, truly a remarkable piece!”

Rahva oma kaitse

Koit Raudsepp: “Cätlin has created such loops, grooves, and beats that on one hand, it’s very ethnic, on the other hand, it’s truly electronic, and on the third hand, it’s wildly quirky and off the charts!”

My Harp – My Heart: turning the pages of the Jew’s Harp World with my Jew’s Harp – and this little, peculiar instrument, of which Cätlin, as I understand, has at least one suitcase full, and that suitcase is not small, gets a completely new life on this LP. She plays them in multiple ways and plays them very innovatively! I dare say, in a completely new manner!”




  • 2022 Annual Prize of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia: For the creation of educational videos and digital learning materials in estonian traditional music.
  • 2022 Recognition Award of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia for the leadership of the bagpipe working group.
  • 2022 Recognition Award of the Viljandi County Expert Group of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia: “Promoter of the Old Jew’s Harp and Bagpipe Culture – Researcher and Carrier of it to Contemporary People.”
  • 2022 “Mooste Elohelü” Competition: Cätlin Mägi & TÜ VKA bagpipe students received 3 awards: Mooste Elohelü Award for “Ingenious Idea,” Special Prize of the Viljandi Folk Music Festival, and Special Prize of the Estonian Folklore Archives.
  • 2019 Annual Heritage Culture Prize of the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.
  • 2019 Semi-finalist in the Estonian Song Contest “Eesti Laul” with the song “Parmumäng.”
  • 2018 Finalist of the “Vabariigi pillimees” Competition.
  • 2018 “Achievement of the Year in a Specialized Library 2018,” Estonian Librarians Association.
  • 2018 Folk Musician of the Year, Estonian Folk Dance and Music Association.
  • 2018 Best Album of the Year for “Mu pill parmupill” at Etnokulbid 2018.
  • 2017 2-nd Prize at the Hundred-Year Night Competition with the song “Sookraakadi.”
  • 2010 Best Album of the Year: “Tulemine” by Jaan Tätte and Udupasun.
  • 2007 Cultural Endowment Scholarship “Live and Shine.”