The duo Cätlin & Marko Mägi are mainly Estonian traditional music-playing duo, which, as a kind of alloy, can be performed in hundreds of years old archaic Estonian bagpipes and jewsharp tunes with modern jazz improvisations on saxophone.

The synergistic duo is able to establish a special connection with their audience, offering them not only musical experience but also knowledge of the Estonian bagpipe and jewsharp tradition, and listener won’t miss out one archaic regilaul (runo-song).

The duo has given concerts on almost all continents during their few decades of activity, but especially frequently in Estonian foreign embassys everywhere in Europe.

In addition to the musical activities, Cätlin and Marko’s are lecturers at the Viljandi Culture Academy of the University of Tartu, and together they travel along the paths of a common life path.

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