Cätlin is a leading figure in the Estonian piping revival. Having first discovered the Estonian torupill as a teenager, Cätlin is now a full time professional musician and teacher at the Viljandi Culture Academy. She is also in the know of the musical thinking that has been passed on from generation to generation and has learned, on the basis of archive recordings, from the musicians who themselves learned their tunes traditionally – by ear – adding their own idiosyncratic nuances, variety and improvisational elements.

«I come from Märjamaa, north Estonia. It’s a little bit surprising about me playing Estonian bagpipes because there are no bagpipes in Märjamaa. I first saw and heard Estonian bagpipe on TV and it was there that I got idea to learn to play it. So came the interest to go and study in Viljandi Cultural Academy”

She tours widely with various groups – Torupilli Jussi Trio, RO:TORO and also as solo musician.