On March 10, on the occasion of International Bagpipe Day, we will release our first single “Andres Metsniidu Polka”. This is a polka recorded by Muhumaa piper Andres Metsniidu in 1922, set to seven pipes by Cätlin Mägi.

It is worth paying attention while listening to the song, as you will also get knowledge from one of the last pipers in Estonia, Aleksander Maaker. For example, you can learn about the drink preferences of pipers at the beginning of the last century. Good to be advised what to take and what to leave.

Soon we will also release an album.

Recording and arrangement by Egert Silk.

Sound design by Janar Paegli.

Photos Maritta Anton and Armas Otto Väisänen (1922)

Production Cätlin Mägi

Recorded in the Viljandi Academy of Culture’s music house studio.