An loop orchestra of Jew’s harps with electronics & heartfelt vocals.

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“You might expect that the jew’s harp might be a little … well … samey. Not this one. She uses electronic manipulation of her voice and jew’s harps to bring out the essence of Estonian folk song and its distinctive narrow-compass melodies.” FROOTS, Andrew Cronshaw



As a traditional musician and a passionate Jew’s harp player, Cätlin Mägi has always been enthusiastic about making the world a better place through her music. And now, she has a brand new approach uniting the “voices” of half a hundred Jew’s harps—all a little different, yet the same. Not only does Mägi master different kinds of Jew’s Harps to perfection, but she has the ability to change effortlessly between the instruments while performing a song. These constant and quick changes create an impression of there being a whole orchestra playing, when in fact, it is Cätlin all alone. Her novel technique gives the rather monotonous Jew’s harp a more diverse, multidimensional and modern sound. Mägi also uses modern technology and live electronics to further personalise and deepen the harmonies of her half a hundred Jew’s harps. And then, there is Cätlin’s very own vocal – the voice of her heart – that joins these musical elements together and offers her audience a deeply touching, harmonious and holistic experience.

Cätlin Mägi has played at many of the festivals in Estonia and abroad. In 2018 released a debut album called “Mu pill parmupill”—“My Harp, My Heart” in English—which was the best traditional music album of the Year at the Etnokulbid awards. Also it was received nominations for Best Song, Best Artist, The musician of the year at the Etnokulbid awards in 2018.